Videly Review

Videly is a digital marketing tool that can be purchased online at

Without the need of backlinks, ad spending, or prior SEO understanding, the tool drives targeted traffic to your website.

Is Videly really effective? How does Videly function? In our review, you’ll learn everything you need to know about Videly.

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What exactly is Videly?

Videly is a traffic generation tool that uses YouTube to increase the number of people who see your offers, local business, videos, or blog.

The tool claims to work without the need for you to pay for adverts. You also do not need any prior SEO experience or to learn anything.

Videly, on the other hand, touts itself as a low-cost approach to acquire top ranks and a steady stream of targeted viewers to your websites and videos.

Videly is available for $47. You may only get it from, which offers a 30-day money-back guarantee on all orders.

Obviously, it’s easy to say that Videly can enhance traffic and rankings – but does Videly have the results to back it up? How does Videly function? Let us investigate more.

Features and Advantages of Videly

Videly claims to provide the following features and advantages:

Reverse-engineered from the Google and YouTube ranking systems

Discovers undiscovered keywords that buyers are using

Drives only free visits from Google and YouTube.

Increase your views, viewers, subscribers, leads, and sales.

Works in any specialty in English and any other language.

a completely white hat

Works without any knowledge of SEO, backlink building, content creation, or ad spending.

Videly, in other words, claims to be an all-in-one traffic generation solution that anyone can utilize to deliver free, targeted traffic to their internet businesses.

How Does Videly Function?

Videly uses YouTube’s ranking algorithm to drive targeted visitors to your website.

You identify keywords, build a YouTube video using those keywords in the title, description, and tags, and then use your YouTube video to drive traffic to your website.

When you search for particular keywords on Google, YouTube videos appear towards the top — even if they have few views or are new. You may outrank older, more established websites in some niches just by being the only video in that niche.

A well-optimized YouTube video, of course, appears towards the top of YouTube search rankings. When someone searches for your keyword on YouTube, your Videly-optimized video will appear above your competitors’ videos.

Anyone can do this on their own, but Videly employs a patented methodology to discover rivals’ films, identify their weak points, and advise you on how to outrank those videos in search rankings. Videly shows you which tags, titles, and description keywords to utilize in order to outrank competitors in that niche.

Videly uses a three-step procedure to bring targeted traffic to your website:

1) Identify extremely profitable keywords.

Step 2: Create your title, description, and tags.

Step 3) Paste the title, description, and tags into a video.

After that, your video will do the rest of the work for you. Your video is accumulating views on YouTube and driving targeted visitors to your website.

According to Videly’s creators, “the traffic potential in SEO is absolutely tremendous.” You can drive massive quantities of targeted traffic to whatever you want by creating a video that appears on the main page of a high-traffic niche.

The company maintains that the old-school method of driving traffic is no longer necessary: you no longer need to develop hundreds of thousands of high-quality backlinks and monitor them on a regular basis. Instead, you make a YouTube video with the appropriate keywords, then sit back and watch traffic pour in to your website.

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Why use YouTube?

YouTube is critical to Videly’s traffic creation method.

Obviously, Google owns YouTube. The two platforms work well together. Google directs traffic to YouTube, and Google indexes new YouTube videos rapidly.

Videly uses this link to drive targeted traffic to your website via YouTube.

According to Videly, some of the benefits of YouTube include:

Google and YouTube Instantaneously Indexed: Rather of waiting for search engines to index your backlinks, you can watch as Google and YouTube instantly index your video. Because YouTube is indexed considerably more frequently than other websites, your video will appear in search ranks much faster.

Higher Rankings Than Websites: Google promotes specific films to the top of search rankings, even if they are of lower quality than the websites listed below. Google has begun to offer films with website ranks in recent years. You can use this approach to drive free visitors to your website.

YouTube is Google’s younger sibling: YouTube, as Videly puts it, is Google’s “baby brother.” As a result, the company says that YouTube videos provide Videly with a “unfair advantage over traditional website rankings.” Google aims to promote YouTube by boosting YouTube videos higher in search rankings — even if those films aren’t particularly noteworthy.

Appear on Google and YouTube: When you create a perfectly-ranked YouTube video, you not only appear at the top of Google search rankings, but you also appear at the top of YouTube search rankings. If someone searches for your keyword on YouTube, your video will rank towards the top.

The YouTube and Google Ranking Systems were reverse engineered by Videly.

Videly claims to have reverse-engineered Google and YouTube’s ranking systems.

When you purchase Videly, you gain access to the company’s data. Anyone can make a YouTube video for a certain niche and watch free traffic pour in. Videly, on the other hand, produces the finest title, description, and tags to give you the best possibility of ranking high in search results.

Videly expresses it thus way:

“We reverse-engineered Google’s and YouTube’s ranking systems!” We were motivated to discover exactly what the Google algorithm prefers and dislikes when it comes to ranking movies.”

Videly investigated topics such as:

How many relevant keywords should you include in your description?

How many views, social signals, and other variables are required for a video to show in search results?

How many times should the main term in the title be repeated?

The most essential ranking variables used by YouTube to compute video rankings

According to Videly, anyone may use this technology manually, but it takes hours to optimize a single video. Videly quickly optimizes videos. It’s a quick way to get started with video marketing.

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How to Make Use of Videly

Videly employs the same three-step procedure described above to get free visitors to your website. Here’s a more in-depth look at Videly’s process and how it works:

Step 1) Discover Untapped Keywords: Videly analyzes all keywords targeted by your competitors and then shows you the keywords they are using to obtain the most visitors. You can examine how many competitors there are in a niche, how many monthly searches there are for each phrase, and how easy or difficult it will be to rank those keywords.

Step 2) Autopilot SEO Optimization: With a single click, Videly analyzes your competitors’ films, detecting and exploiting weak places. Videly returns a flawlessly balanced combination of titles, descriptions, and tags in a matter of seconds. According to Videly’s study, this combination should provide you with top ranks in that niche.

Step 3) Copy, Paste, and Profit: In YouTube, copy and paste Videly’s recommended tags, title, and description keywords, then post your video. Google and YouTube will rapidly index your video, and traffic to your offer will flow in.

Overall, Videly touts itself as the ideal traffic production solution for everyone – regardless of SEO skills or prior digital marketing understanding.

Pricing for Videly

Videly is available for $47.

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Videly can be purchased online at, which links you to Clickbank to complete the transaction.

All purchases include lifetime upgrades. Videly is a cloud-based tool that can be accessed from any device with an internet connection (although the developers recommend using Chrome).

All purchases include two free bonuses, which are as follows:

Bonus #1: VIP Invitation to Videly’s Private Live Training Session: You will receive a VIP invitation to Videly’s private live training session, where you will be able to see how a genuine video marketing agency uses Videly to dominate rankings.

Bonus #2: 5-Minute Video Creation Session: Learn how to generate high-converting visitors to drive traffic to your website and offers in this 5-minute session.

Refund Policy at Videly

Videly is backed by a 30-day refund policy.

You can seek a full refund on Videly within 30 days of your original purchase date. If you are dissatisfied with Videly for any reason, or if the tool did not produce the traffic you expected, you are entitled to a full refund.

Videly was created by whom?

Videly was built by Blaster Suite, a digital marketing software company that can be found online at

This company creates a variety of digital marketing tools and software, such as Live Event Blaster, Video Marketing Blaster, and Thumbnail Blaster.

Blaster Suite also goes by the moniker Draguescu Vlad PFA.

You can contact the company using this online form. They normally respond within 2 hours.

Last Word

Videly is a digital marketing tool that uses YouTube to drive free visitors to your website.

The software finds profitable niches and keywords, advises you exactly what to put in your YouTube description, title, and tags to dominate that niche, and then allows traffic to flow to your video and offer.

Videly costs $47, and all orders are covered by a 30-day refund period.

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