VertShock Review

Your vertical is critical to your overall game. If you can dunk, that’s fantastic, but Vert Shock can have an impact on many elements of your game, including explosiveness, creativity under the rim, and, of course, your jump shot.

When I was in high school, my jump training consisted primarily of jump squats. I was introduced to a larger and more deliberate approach when I arrived at college, even at the club level.

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Basketball has remained a love of mine even after I graduated from college. I never expected to make it to the pros, but it keeps me in shape, and competing against other guys my age is good for the soul.

I never tried a jump training program after college, although I overheard some players discussing Vert Shock on the court. That night, I Googled it and discovered a diverse spectrum of viewpoints. The majority were upbeat, even bullish. However, some believed it was a hoax, so I got determined to put it to the test and find out for myself.

Let us first define Vert Shock and why you would be interested in it.

What Is Vert Shock and What Isn’t It?
Vert training, at least in my experience, emphasizes on growing strength, and even the emphasis on explosiveness entails a lot of resistance. These methods are excellent. They work (to some extent), but my vert was only approximately 2 inches higher than it was when I was 18 years old in high school.

Vert Shock is inspired by the strategies used by sportsmen competing in professional dunking contests. The program’s purpose is to shock your muscles, hence the term. The method consists of three phases: preparation, shock, and activation for both slow-twitch and fast-twitch muscle fibers.

This program is not a miracle cure. It assists you in guaranteeing proper technique and gives exercises to increase muscular performance. It requires a lot of effort. This isn’t a diet pill that promises you’ll lose 30 pounds while you sit on the couch eating Cheetos.

Why You Should Care About the Vert Shock Team
On the Internet, there are several training programs. Many of them appear to be ineffective, which is not surprising given that many of them are devised by faceless trainers. Vert Shock’s creators are not anonymous or inexperienced. Adam Folker and Justin Darlington are their names.

Adam Folker’s
Adam Folker appeared in over 125 games for the UC Irvine Anteaters, a Big West Conference NCAA Division I club. He began his undergraduate sports career with a 14-inch vertical but had a 32-inch vertical by the time he was signed to play in the Czech NBL. After retiring, he applied what he had learnt to create the initial program that would become Vert Shock.

Darlington, Justin
Justin “JusFly” Darlington is a Streetballer who has competed on the FIBA 33 World Tour. He is a natural dunker who has competed in and won professional dunking competitions across the world. He became famous after winning the Nike+ Basketball Dunk Showcase in Washington, D.C., where LeBron James was a judge and brought a lot of recognition with him. Darlington and Folker have been friends for a long time, and Justin assisted him in refining the program into what is now Vert Shock.

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How Does Vert Shock Work?
This is a workout program centered on plyometrics. In layman’s terms, Vert Shock workouts include harnessing the speed and force of numerous actions to improve raw muscle power.

The program is designed to last eight weeks. The first week of Vert Shock covers the pre-shock phase. Weeks two through seven are dedicated to the shock phase, with week eight devoted to the intensive post-shock period.

1. The Pre-Shock Period
This initial part of the workout lasts only seven days and is intended to prepare your muscles for the upcoming considerably more strenuous six-week period. This includes a lot of warming up and cooling down, as well as exercises you’ve probably done previously, such as tuck jumps.

People who do not regularly perform jump exercises may gain an inch or two during this time. If you don’t, don’t be too alarmed. Also, be cautious when incorporating this phase into your other routines. If you don’t practice a lot of leg-focused muscle training, you should avoid it for the time being. Less experienced athletes may overwork their legs in an unproductive manner the first time through the program.

2. The Shock Phase
This second and most important phase lasts six weeks. It’s intense, but it’s also different, which we believe helps with your mental approach. This is the time when you should see the most muscle activation and reactivation, as well as the most significant outcomes. I gained approximately 6 inches.

This phase started out easier than I had anticipated. It rapidly picked up, and we could feel the wear but also the faster responsiveness and explosiveness as the period progressed. During this time, be mindful of your other cardio and muscle-building activities. Working around these workouts is something I recommend. In other words, prioritize tasks that do not overlap and so work different parts of your body.

3. The Post-Shock Period
You’ve reached the last week of the core program, which consists of six days of rigorous training followed by one day off. If you are planning other workouts, I would strongly advise you to schedule that one day off totally. The goal of this program is to fortify the gains you’ve made so far, and it includes a lot of warming up and cooling down in between short bursts of hard action.

It’s vital to remember that you might not make any money throughout this time. This is not uncommon. That being said, I did. I gained around an inch during the pre-shock period and another inch during the post-shock phase, for a total of 8 inches. After you finish this week, you will enter the crucial maintenance mode.

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Mode of Maintenance
Vert Shock actually has a fourth phase, which we believe many other Vert Shock evaluations do not adequately describe. The idea here is to keep your peak, and if you fall short, it will still allow you to get there. This maintenance program includes the warm-up, exercises, and cool-down that you should do each week. This part of the training is also simple to include into your overall routine, at which time Vert Shock disappears into what you do on a weekly basis.

The Vert Shock Exercises
This program contains a variety of jump and squat movements. Many of them I was familiar with, having been an amateur athlete for the whole of my life. I was unfamiliar with some of it. The good news is that you will receive more than just the Vert Shock PDF. You will also have access to HD videos in which the designers demonstrate appropriate form for not only the various exercises but also for all of the warming up and cooling down procedures.

None of the workouts mentioned and demonstrated in the program need the use of any equipment, which I will explain later in my Vert Shock review as both a pro and a negative. However, it is fantastic news for those who do not have access to such equipment and wish to improve their vert by old-fashioned hard effort, which it is. In fact, in just 56 days, you will do 41 tough workouts, including:

Plyometrics—All of the rigorous jumping-specific workouts are included in these advanced plyometrics. These are the factors that will improve the reaction time of your crucial muscles.
Core Strength—Various core strengthening exercises are included in this element of the program. This lays the groundwork for your body to be able to perform high-impact jumping sports.
Power—Core strength is crucial, but actual power is also required to reach your peak vert. When it emanates from the lower body, power is especially significant. The emphasis here is on deep squats and other exercises where true muscle gain would be most advantageous.
Vert Shock: Our Findings
I’m writing because I persuaded a dear friend to try the program with me. Allow me to contextualize our starting positions. I lift weights three to four times per week. I go to the rec center as much as I can to play basketball. I walk a lot. I’m on my Rogue Echo. I’m in pretty good shape. My friend used to be, but has lagged in recent years due to job. He is only now getting back into a routine.

The possibilities of us dunking on somebody at any of our heights are small. However, I began this process with a 20-inch vertical. He walked in with a 16-inch vertical. He saw no improvement in the first week, and I grew to 21 inches. Every week except the fifth, I witnessed a 1-inch gain. Every two weeks, he gained around an inch. He measured 20 inches in the end. I finished at 28 inches.

I know other individuals did far better than me, but I was very pleased by the conclusion of the eighth week. My friend had not expected much but was pleased nonetheless. Our contrasts, I believe, illustrate what you can expect. I doubt you will achieve the desired outcomes if you do not regularly gain muscle. However, I do not believe that is a Vert Shock issue. It’s just the way athletic performance works.

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Will Vert Shock Help You?
My friend, I believe, is proof that it will work for almost anyone who is willing to put in the effort. You may also be assured that my friend has maintained working out with me and on his own since we finished the initial program. He has persisted in the maintenance mode, more than double his original Vert Shock results. Raimy, congratulations!

Let me emphasize this once more: you must put in the effort. Your vertical will not grow by itself or if you do it half-heartedly. Earn that sweat equity, however, and you will undoubtedly advance.

The Vert Shock Program’s Price and Money-Back Guarantee
The Vert Shock program can only be accessed via the official website. The full product is normally priced at $138. We did, however, pay $67. As we write this review, that pricing is still available. This price is sometimes touted as “today only” or “limited time deal,” but as far as I can tell, it is the standard price now and has most likely been for quite some time. It’s also worth noting that there are no shipping or handling fees or other hidden expenditures. We spent $67 and were not even charged tax.

Another significant note is that this product is supplied with a full money-back guarantee. What’s particularly impressive is that the refund period has been extended to 60 days. The complete eight-week program takes only 56 days. If you are dissatisfied before that time, please email adam(at) with the subject line “Refund Request.” There will be no questions asked and you will receive a complete refund.

Your Purchase Includes Everything
Your Vert Shock download includes four essential items:

Guide to Getting Started
Exercise Video Tutorials for the Vert Shock Program
Bonuses for Vert Shock – Quick Start Guide

This little e-book provides an overview of the eight-week program. Things delivers it in a nutshell, making it easier to consume. It tells you what to expect and allows you to start without having to read/view everything.

– Vert Shock program

This is the basic regimen. It is structured into four major components, which correspond to the several phases addressed previously in the review: pre-shock, shock, post-shock, and maintenance.

– Video Exercise Tutorials

These high-definition videos demonstrate how to do each exercise in the program and emphasize proper form while providing hints and other advice. We believe that these tools will be beneficial to program participants who have never done these activities previously.

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Bonuses for Vert Shock
A number of free bonuses are also included with your purchase. There are perhaps a dozen of these extras in total. We will not go into detail on all of them, but will instead highlight the highlights.

Vert Tracker is a workbook that will assist you in tracking your development. I have my own program for recording my workouts, but this is a good alternative for individuals who do not have access to such an app.
Jumper’s Diet Checklist—Useful program that lists all of the vitamins and other nutrients that are essential for peak vertical. Use this tool to ensure that your diet is comprehensive.
E-book: Four Vertical Jump Killers—
This is an intriguing book that highlights the method concerns that can jeopardize your vertical. It addresses four major issues. Two things I hadn’t considered before, and after reading this, I was able to recognize my faulty form when it appeared.
Five Dirty Jumping Techniques E-Book— A solid book that covers five tactics that almost all great dunkers utilize to elevate their game and discusses how to incorporate them into your own.
Visit the official website to learn more about the freebies!

What I Enjoy Most About Vert Shock
Effective comprehensive jump training
Well-explained and backed up with video instructions
Techniques for testing and tracking your results are provided.
Reasonably priced and supported by a full refund policy
What I Despise About Vert Shock
There is a lot of product placement in the instructions.
Could benefit from weight training. Needs a section on merging the training with your own. Review of Vert Shock
I had completed the eight-week program and had been in maintenance mode for at least 16 weeks when this review was ultimately released. My results are up to roughly 12 inches higher vert than I started with, which I am quite pleased with. My sweater has never been deadlier!

This is an excellent program. I’ve incorporated it into my regular training program and would strongly recommend it to anyone looking to build vert for dunking or any other reason.

Questions and Answers
Here are six frequently asked questions about the Vert Shock system:

Question #1: Is Vert Shock a Scam?
No. Vert Shock is an authentic training program. But keep in mind that this is hard labor. You must put in the work, like with any training program. You must also be realistic about your innate athletic abilities. The few fraud complaints we did receive came from those who couldn’t prove they followed the instruction, people who cheated the program, and people who were completely unrealistic.

Q#2: Does Vert Shock have a DVD or Blu-Ray release date?
No. Vert Shock is primarily available as an e-book. Your purchase does, however, include HD films and other similar items, but we do not believe a DVD would be really beneficial. It’s not like you’re doing Jazzercise in front of the TV. You should practice these methods in a gym or on an outdoor basketball court.

Q#3: So, why are images included with DVDs and DVD box sets?
It’s a good question, and one we considered. According to support, the graphics are not actual and are intended to represent portions of the program and bonuses that feature HD video. We understand how that sounds and will not justify it. It is, at best, deceptive marketing, and it is a shame, in our opinion, because it ruins an otherwise excellent product for people who pay attention.

Q#4: How Long Does Vert Shock Take to Produce Results?
This is dependent on the individual, including his current vert and natural peak. If you’re already working hard and pushing yourself to the limit, you’ll be over it by the second week. Many people notice considerable effects by week four, but you are unlikely to get maximum results until week eight.

Q#5: Should You Keep Doing Vert Shock After Week 8?
Yes. Maintaining optimal athletic performance necessitates consistent effort. After you finish the program, you enter what is known as maintenance mode, and all of the exercises you need to do are included in the program. This work should be pretty straightforward to incorporate into your overall regimen at this stage. Be aware that if you do not maintain your efforts, you will revert to your previous state. If this occurs, you should probably restart the program from the beginning, starting with week one.

Where Should You Buy the Vert Shock Program?
Third-party resellers are not presently selling the Vert Shock course. As of this writing, it is only available through the original developers via their official website. You should thus buy it there to ensure that you obtain the genuine article and that you help those who deserve it.

Vert Shock e-books, apps, and other things are available on sites such as Amazon and eBay, however they are knockoffs rather than the authentic training that has resulted in so many success stories. Some dealers also sell illicit reproductions, and it would be a shame to support them instead of the architects.

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