The Obsession Method Review

Do you want to get the woman of your dreams? Do you want her to want you?

Let’s face it, no honest man would say no to either of these queries.

I frequently write on the psychology of attraction on Hack Spirit and was curious to see if The Obsession Method by Kate Spring could genuinely bring new insights to guys that aren’t available elsewhere.

I was pleasantly surprised, and I can see why the course is so popular.

In this extensive The Obsession Method review, I disclose the essential messages of this popular dating book and give my opinion on whether you should buy it.

We have a lot of work to do. So let’s get started.

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Why is this a significant book?

Wisdom and patience are required in today’s dating game.

In a world when women are resorting to their sex gadgets and preferring to remain alone, males must take a stand.

Guys all over the world need to learn how to become the men women want, and The Obsession Method may help them do just that.

Kate Spring’s simple approach is packed with ideas and guidance on how to attract any lady you want. It gets you from point A to point B quickly and easily, allowing you to practice your newly acquired talents.

Whether you’re shy, overweight, or uncomfortable, Kate Spring teaches guys that through the power of words and psychology, they can have any woman.

Do you have any reservations about approaching ladies in general? Women who are particularly attractive? Do you frequently say the wrong thing at the wrong time when talking to women?

If you answered yes, then this program can provide you with the tools you need to succeed.


What exactly is the Obsession Method?

Kate Spring’s dating and relationship coach The Obsession Method may be the ultimate advice for males. It’s a courageous, direct, and useful resource for solitary men.

It efficiently assists guys in understanding female psychology and hacking women’s brains for their own gain.

This is a four-part program with 28 videos and 50,000 words. With cunning plans, professional techniques, and a “very secret” encrypted language, it transforms any man into a “wonderful catch.”

And because the format is digital, you can always access it on your PC, laptop, tablet, or cell phone if you need to brush up on your skills.

To paraphrase Kate Spring, the author of The Obsession Method:

“I’m going to teach you a secret language that will make any lady fall madly in love with you and only you.” This top-secret “encrypted language” will allow you to psychologically hack into a woman’s brain and control how much she desires you.”

Does that sound right?

After you’ve finished The Obsession Method, you won’t need to spout trite witticisms or repeat embarrassing phrases, like other relationship and dating methods do.

Spring’s wisdom, on the other hand, will mold you into the man you were always meant to be.

Confident, charismatic, and one step ahead of the competition.

Instead of repelling women, you’ll attract them like a magnet. Men spend their entire lives attempting to attain this, and many never come close.

Kate Spring will take care of that for you.

Nothing matters if you’re broke, overweight, unattractive, or awkward around ladies. Because after you’ve mastered Kate Spring’s techniques, every woman will have overwhelming sexual desires for you.

And isn’t that the dream? It’s been mine since I was a pimply adolescent unable to find a date.

Who exactly is Kate Spring?

Kate Spring is a Vancouver-based Canadian dating coach. She teaches men how to seduce women and can transform a clumsy gent into a ladies man. She holds a bachelor’s degree from the University of Victoria and is a best-selling novelist.

Spring has assisted many men all around the world in achieving their relationship goals, and she provides advise pieces for men on her popular blog. She contributes regularly to and other media. Spring also provides one-on-one counseling sessions to those seeking relationship help.

When Kate Spring isn’t assisting men, you can find her outside with her fiance and two dogs.

What does The Obsession Method include?

This curriculum is extensive.

The Obsession Method comes with a comprehensive eBook as well as a special 28-part video series. That’s a lot of advise and direction right there.

It also provides three extremely useful additional downloads:

eBook on How to Make Her Approach YOU

The essential handbook for men who are never approached by women. This download will undoubtedly assist you in changing all of that.

eBook Sex Texts (Get Her Into Bed)

Are you a guy who is terrible at texting texts? Can texting help a guy get laid? Spring’s top-secret texts will change your results right away.

The eBook Sexual Wordsmith: How to Have Sexual Conversations With Women

As a guy who has authored a lot of dating and relationship articles, I’ve discovered that the vast majority of males struggle with having sexual conversations with women.

Actually, forget it! Because of their hangups, timidity, and fear of rejection, many males have difficulty understanding women.

Spring unpacks all of these challenges that guys face — excuse the pun — in this immediate download.

She teaches men how to write erotic poetry without the drama. You’ll soon be a natural and won’t even have to think about it.

You will never have to buy another program again once you have completed all of the bonuses. These three books cover all of the key communication and body language techniques for successful dating.


What is covered in The Obsession Method program?

This curriculum is specifically tailored for men and has a wealth of invaluable knowledge that you will not find anywhere else.

If you haven’t had much luck with ladies and want to change that, this book can assist.

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Here’s a preview of some of the subjects Kate Spring discusses.

Precision Strategy

You’ll never have to worry about being rejected by a woman again if you learn this method. Rejection is excruciatingly painful, and it can often make us afraid to try again, which has a negative impact on the chemistry between men and women.

Forget perfection; this download teaches you when to make the first move, when to ask her out to dinner, and how to stimulate physical intimacy without coming across as a jerk – scenarios that many guys get wrong due to a lack of naivety and expertise.

The Story Mode

Story Mode is all about sowing seeds in her mind and making her yearn after you. This strategy assists you in changing the narrative. It’s all about telling her a unique story that will pique her interest in you. And the plot holds together.

Body Language

Kate Spring teaches body language skills that will entice women to sleep with you.

Given that sex and dating are based mostly on body language, being able to decode hers and yours is a useful ability to have.

There will be no need for cheap catchphrases or one-liners. It’s all in what you don’t say, according to Kate Spring.

Pickup Unstoppable

Many males are nervous about approaching ladies and picking up.

In other words, how does a man succeed in the pickup? How does a man successfully accomplish a pickup?

Spring teaches guys how to get women interested right away with the “Direction Approach.” It’s a tried and true method that works.

You can start using The Obsession Method as soon as you acquire it.

Activate Her

Use Spring’s seduction strategy to make a girl fall in love with you – and only you!

Every guy wants to know what turns ladies on and how to do it again and again. This basic tool is an excellent addition to any dating toolbox. In no time, you’ll have a HOT female wrapping her legs around you.

The Desire Protocol

As the name implies, this strategy will arouse her desire for you on a deep rather than a surface level.

Female arousal is complicated and difficult to comprehend for any man. But Kate, with her psychological perspective, simplifies things.

Finally, an actual working hack.

The Subliminal 3’s

Advertising and marketing firms employ subliminal messaging to sell products to the general public on television. It entails subtly given clues that stimulate an audience on the verge of wakefulness.

Can you entice a woman to accompany you home? Can you make a woman fall in love with you in an instant?

You can, according to Spring. This trick teaches you how to employ subliminal body language.

That is a superpower.

Seduction Through Text

Do you text women and they do not respond? Do you text women just to have them never reply you back?

Nothing hurts the ego more than an ignored text. Or an SMS message that gets answered days later.

Kate Spring teaches guys how to text in such a way that they receive an immediate answer. You’ll never fail to seduce a woman sexually again after you’ve mastered this text strategy.

Man of Marriage

How does a man maintain the interest of the lady he loves? And devoted? And devoted? And what about sexual? How does a man entice a beautiful lady to marry him and spend the rest of her life with him?

Kate Springs answers these and other questions in this excellent part.

It turns out that it’s not as difficult as you may expect.


So, how much does The Obsession Method set you back?

The Obsession Method online dating program, along with other goods and incentives, is only $69.95.

What’s more, Kate Spring provides a 60-day money-back guarantee with no questions asked.

This book is not only inexpensive, but it also poses no risk to the buyer.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of the Obsession Method?

Here’s what I enjoyed best about The Obsession Method and what I didn’t care for as much.


Gives you the tools you need to approach ladies with confidence.

This application eliminates the guesswork.

Money refund guarantee for 60 days

Downloadable PDF

Delivery in an instant

It was written by a woman. That, I believe, is critical when attempting to hack female psychology.

Three unique goodies jam-packed with tips & tricks

It’s a straightforward guide. Kate discusses her approach in great detail and utilizes real-world situations that all guys may connect to.

A reputable dating coach created the curriculum.

Everything is covered, everything is covered.

The techniques are based on tried-and-true psychological research.

It provides guys with priceless insight into how women think.


In points, it’s a little preachy.

There is no hardcopy program available, which is not suitable for everyone.

Kate Spring refers to her methods as “panty-dropping” – not sure how well that will go down in the #metoo era.

Because of some of the language used (see ‘panty-dropping’ above! ), this book could be used or interpreted incorrectly.

My conclusion

So, how do I feel about The Obsession Method after all of this?

Look, I believe this online program by dating and relationship coach Kate Spring is aimed for men who are having difficulty getting laid and connecting with women.

If you are a man who wants to improve his game with women, The Obsession Method can undoubtedly help.

The popular program certainly covers a lot of ground and provides useful suggestions that may be implemented at any moment. As I previously stated, it is in digital format and can be accessed at any time.

Whether you’re shy, overweight, or uncomfortable, Kate Spring teaches men that through the power of words and psychology, they can have any woman they want.

What man in the planet doesn’t desire that?

The best part about this online dating program for men is that it enhances their confidence while eliminating their fears.

And as a guy, I think that’s the big plus.


Can a relationship coach assist you as well?

A relationship coach might be quite beneficial if you want particular advise on your circumstance.

I can attest to this from personal experience…

When I was going through a bad period in my relationship a few months ago, I called out to Relationship Hero. They provided me with a unique insight into the mechanics of my relationship and how to get it back on track after I had been lost in my thoughts for so long.

If you’ve never heard of Relationship Hero, it’s a website where highly educated relationship counselors assist people in dealing with intricate and challenging love problems.

In just a few minutes, you may connect with a qualified relationship counselor and receive guidance tailored to your specific circumstance.

My coach’s kindness, empathy, and genuine helpfulness astounded me.

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