The Fast Tracks Review

Have you finished Merlin Holmes’ free webinar and are seeking for an honest and unbiased 1K A Day Fast Track Review to determine whether this is a legitimate program that produces genuine results or another scam?

Unlike other 1K A Day Fast Track reviews that encourage you to buy the program through their affiliate link, I will tell you the genuine potential behind Merlin’s claims in The Fast Tracks webinar and whether it has the ability to assist beginners make money online.

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Let’s get started on this review.

Who Is Merlin Holmes? Is He Someone We Can Trust?

1K A Day Fast Track was created by Merlin Holmes. He claims to be running a multi-million dollar online business and to have earned more than $15 million from affiliate marketing in the last 15 years.

He attempted numerous strategies of making money online, including social media marketing, multi-level marketing, search engine optimization, and many more, but he was unable to create consistent income.

He claims to have over 25 years of experience in online marketing and a record of making about $14K in a single day. Even though there are no substantial confirmations of his claims other than screenshots of his affiliate network accounts, one thing is evident from The Fast Tracks webinar: Merlin Holmes is not a hoax and knows how to generate money from affiliate marketing.

1K Per Day Fast Track (The Fast Tracks)

1K A Day Fast Track is a 6-week program in which you will learn how to make affiliate sales utilizing email marketing and a 2-page website in which you develop email lists of targeted clients and promote related products to them.

You may be thinking that this strategy of using landing pages with email marketing to promote affiliate offers is not new, and that many people teach it.

Yes, directing them to your affiliate offer after obtaining their email is a well-known strategy, and Devon Brown mostly teaches it in his course “12 Minute Affiliate.”

However, 1K A Day Fast Track is unique in that it teaches how to employ interactive (polls/questions) landing pages to trigger people’s emotions, which is more effective than typical name/email landing pages. Furthermore, certain studies demonstrate that these interactive landing pages are effective in particular areas such as fitness, self-development, money-making, and so on.

Furthermore, 1K A Day Fast Track assists you in breaking into untapped marketing platforms that are less expensive than Facebook or Google Ads.

These are the innovative ideas that set 1K A Day Fast Track apart from other programs.

So, if you want to earn $1,000 every day, do the following:

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How Does the 1k A Day Fast Track Work?

As I previously stated, 1K A Day Fast Track is a program in which you will earn money by marketing affiliate deals. This strategy is known as Affiliate Marketing.

Affiliate marketing is a legitimate technique to make money online in which you promote other offers using your unique link (affiliate link). When someone purchases a product through your affiliate link, you earn a commission. Many experts choose Affiliate Marketing because it does not include the costs of producing a product, keeping the goods, or sending the product to buyers.

There are other ways to market your affiliate offers, such as making a website, sharing your link, writing a product review, and so on.

The strategy Merlin Holmes offers in 1K A Day Fast Track, on the other hand, works as follows:

Step 1: Locate Affiliate Offers and Create Ad Copy:

You must look for best-selling items on various affiliate sites such as ClickBank, Commission Junction, Digistore24, and so on. Merlin promotes top-selling products since it indicates that their sales page is converting and generating sales.

Once you’ve decided on the product you want to sell, you’ll need to capture some photographs, headlines, or scripts and feed them into the tool provided in the members’ area to build your web banner/ad copy.

Step 2 – Create an Interactive Landing Page:

This is what I meant. You will leverage highly converting ideas such as micro-commitments and interactive marketing to get individuals to do small acts that will engage their emotions. Numerous marketers tried these techniques, and they perform far better than text and video sales sites.

So, in this stage, you will create an interactive landing page with ClickFunnels (a premium application) and include polls/questions with options to choose from.

When someone clicks on the button to get the answer, a popup window will appear seeking an email address, allowing you to build an email list in the niche/market where you are promoting your offer.

Step 3 – Redirect to Your Offer Page:

When someone submits his email address, it gets added to the list you are building with an email autoresponder like Mailchimp or GetAResponse. The potential customer will then be led to the offer you are marketing.

Step 4 – Earn Money Online:

When a potential consumer arrives at your affiliate website, he can browse the offer; if he purchases the product, you will receive a commission; if he does not, you will receive nothing.

In any case, you will have his email address, which you may use to promote other products in the same niche/industry. This reduces the likelihood of losing a potential consumer and allows you to gain money in the long run.

This is how the 1K A Day Fast Track actually works!

Overall, The Fast Tracks is all about using sponsored ads to drive potential buyers to your interactive landing page, where you can create an email list and promote your affiliate deals.

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Who Can Make Money With the 1K A Day Fast Track?

1K A Day Fast Track is a program designed to help anyone generate money online. Some people join this program to make their first dollar online, while others join to optimize their earning potential.

Keep in mind that The Fast Tracks is not an autopilot method that will bring you money without any effort. As a result, if you intend to join this system, you must prepare to put in effort.

The 1K A Day Fast Track is appropriate for:

People desire to generate money online without creating their own product or service.

Individuals who do not wish to spend countless hours answering buyer questions.

Email marketers who want to make money online

People who desire to earn money while sleeping (passive income)

If you haven’t already, I strongly advise you to watch the free webinar. Merlin will take you on a tour of the system. The Fast Tracks will walk you through all of the steps you need to do to start making money online, but you may also hire someone to set up this system for you.

Merlin has made it simple for you by offering training, secrets, tools, guidelines, and landing pages, and the quantity of sales you generate will rely on your budget.

Training Schedule:

Fast Tracks is a six-week program in which Merlin Holmes offered money-making tactics and secrets that anyone may use to make money online.

The Fast Tracks cover everything from selecting the right affiliate offer and establishing your email list to creating high-converting landing pages and attracting potential purchasers to your site.

Here’s a week-by-week training schedule for 1K A Day Fast Track:

Week 1 – 9 Lessons: Merlin begins this program with a welcome video in which he offers you a sneak preview of the entire program and teaches you how to get the most out of it. Then he quickly shows you how to set up your ClickBank account, obtain your affiliate link, and get your first online commission.

Week 2 – 9 Lessons: Merlin discusses list-building tactics, including how to set up a YES/NO answer poll in your sales funnel and integrate it into your landing page. All of these tactics are over-the-shoulder, so you can easily follow them.

Week 3 – 9 Lessons: Merlin demonstrates everything you need to know to create your first effective email campaign. He provides tried-and-true email templates that you may use in your email marketing campaign to convert subscribers into purchases.

Week 4 – 5 Lessons: This week teaches you expert ideas and techniques for making money online using ClickBank and other affiliate networks. These tactics will offer you an advantage over beginners who are just starting out.

Week 5 – 4 Lessons: These lessons teach you how to get potential buyers to your landing page so you can make more money. These courses can help you identify more people who are interested in your offer.

Week 6 – 5 Lessons: You’ve already made your first commission by this point, so Merlin tells you how to raise your game by discovering more high-converting offers on ClickBank and another affiliate network to take your earnings to the next level.

Overall, The Fast Tracks is an excellent course that teaches you all you need to know about creating affiliate sales through email marketing and converting them into a five-figure internet business.

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What Are the Top Five Advantages of 1K A Day Fast Track?

It’s All About Affiliate Marketing – Without a doubt, affiliate marketing is my favorite way to make money online. It is about connecting individuals with their solution and earning a commission in the process. I consider it semi-passive income, but it has a large earning potential when compared to other online business methods.

Interactive Landing Pages — I’ve seen several online marketers start using these Yes/No type opt-in pages, but I’m not sure what the best and easiest way is to create them and then integrate them into my website. This is something fresh I learned through The Fast Tracks program.

Extremely Simple to Use: Merlin has offered everything needed to make money through affiliate marketing. This is a beginner-friendly program that requires little work because everything is already provided within the members’ area.

Free Webinars – This webinar is not a sales pitch for any product or program. Merlin conducts these webinars himself, in which he provides tactics and secrets that anyone can use to boost his income. You may view a preview of The Fast Tracks webinar here.

Money-Back Guarantee: This program has a 60-day money-back guarantee that you may utilize if you don’t like it or are dissatisfied with the training it provides. If you have an issue with the product’s creator, ClickBank will help you get your money back.

What Is the cost of a $1000 per day fast track system?

The cost of joining the 1K A Day Fast Track System is fixed at $997 one-time payment. If you are in the United States and do not want to invest that much money right now, you can sign up for a free The Fast Tracks webinar by clicking any link provided in this review, and you can use Paypal Credit, in which Paypal will pay for the program and you must return the amount within six months with no interest.

Remember that the fee of The Fast Tracks is not the only payment you must make; you will also have to pay other monthly expenses. These are:

Create interactive landing pages using ClickFunnels ($97-$297/month).

Email autoresponder services start at $15 per month.

Paid advertising will cost you around $200 to begin a campaign until you start making a profit.

So, to start earning with this approach, you’ll need roughly $1,500 in the first month. If you are willing to invest this amount, then:


1K A Day Fast Track is not a fraud, as many people believe. If you earn between $100 and $200 each day and want to find a new approach to advertise your affiliate offer, this program is ideal. Furthermore, The Fast Tracks is designed for beginners who wish to maximize their return on investment with minimal work.

The Fast Tracks include everything needed to get started in affiliate marketing and promote affiliate offers via email marketing.

Fast Tracks is one of the top programs in the affiliate marketing field, and as a result, it is selling like hotcakes. If you have a group of friends who are interested in affiliate marketing, you may join as a group so that the initial cost is divided and you do not have to suffer the full joining cost individually.

That concludes this 1K A Day Fast Track review, and I’d want to thank you for reading it. If you have opted to participate in this program, then you must do the following:

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