The 12 Minute Affiliate System Review

If you believed that making money online was impossible, you are mistaken. You can supplement your everyday income by launching an internet business. You have likely encountered 12 Minute Affiliate and are pondering whether or not it is a scam. The majority of individuals assume that producing money online is a difficult endeavor, which explains why so few individuals pursue it. As its name suggests, 12 Minute Affiliate is not a magical money-making program, but it can help you earn up to $460 each day in just 12 minutes.

Devon Brown, a home business entrepreneur with at least seven years of experience producing money online, is the author of the “done for you system.” Through his experience, he devised an effortless method for generating more cash. In this 12 Minute Affiliate review, we examine the simple and straightforward techniques provided by 12 Minute Affiliate to help you earn money online quickly.

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Who exactly is Devon Brown?

Before we begin, let’s examine the mind behind this online marketing platform. Devon Brown’s journey began on his 15th birthday, when he used the $50 he received from his grandmother to purchase a book on how to generate money from home. We cannot say that the book helped him generate money, but it did plant the necessary business seed in him. A few years after graduating college with a Bachelor’s degree in Sports Management, he turned down a job offer from the NBA. Devon’s entrepreneurial journey has not been as straightforward as many might assume; he filed for bankruptcy after wasting so much money on ineffective initiatives. He once worked as a car salesman and a taekwondo instructor.

In an endeavor to become a successful entrepreneur, he put the vast bulk of his earnings from the two professions in other company ventures. Devon Brown never gave up hope despite multiple fruitless attempts to achieve success. His eventual breakthrough occurred after he worked as a mobile phone salesman for an internet company and began utilizing every piece of advice, information, and insight he had acquired. All of his accomplishments have been highlighted on all of his social media channels. After several years of successful internet endeavors, his business began making $100,000 each month. Later, he developed 12 Minute Affiliate programs to create online income as quickly and easily as possible via his social media presence.

What exactly is the 12 Minute Affiliate System?

12 Minute Affiliate System is an affiliate marketing program that uses simple and actionable steps to help novices earn money without having to create a website, YouTube channel, or other marketing platform. The program aims to supply you with everything you require, including instructional channels, helpful assistance, and merchandise. Simply put, 12 Minute Affiliate System functions by ordering website traffic. When the system is operational, the commission is obtained in three simple stages. After customizing it and attracting a few visitors, the system will generate leads automatically.

12 Minute Affiliate program is a ClickBank product that aims to assist consumers in making money through affiliate marketing. The product simplifies the process of earning income through affiliate marketing. The system is relatively new to the market, having been introduced in October 2018. The 12 Minute Affiliate marketing platform allows you to create an opt-in page with your affiliate links, following which it sends a number of emails with various offers. When people on your email list click the link and make a purchase, you receive a commission.

12 Minute Affiliate marketing is managed by ClickBank, therefore if you do not already have a Clickbank account, you will need to create one. Simply navigate to the Affiliate Marketing section of the ClickBank Market Place under the E-Business category. You can find your product by typing “12 Minute Affiliate,” where no whitelisting is required, and you can begin marketing it as soon as you have an affiliate account. In most circumstances, the commission rate for upfront, upsells, and monthly recurring sales is fifty percent. As stated in this 12 Minute Affiliate review, the technique is 100 percent certified to assist you locate a means to earn money. Order a targeted niche for your landing page. The official website contains further information and a discount!

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How does 12 Minute Affiliate work?

After purchasing the 12 Minute Affiliate marketing system, the first step is to create an account and load the preset emails and landing pages into the autoresponder section. After activating the prepared funnels, obtain traffic from Devon. You will likely accomplish the task in a record-setting 12 minutes. The traffic will flow via your funnel, which begins with the landing pages of the 12 Minute Affiliate scheme. The emails supplied by Devon Brown are drip-fed to your subscribers via affiliate offers.

Once everything is in place, you can sit back and collect your Clickbank earnings. The procedure is quick and uncomplicated. Being an affiliate of 12 Minute Affiliate entails selling products created by others and receiving a commission proportional to the product’s price. 12 Minute Affiliate has a preset platform that links hosts and merchants. The training focuses on promoting the link or creating your own website.

12 Minute Affiliate enables you to market the link, which has an opt-in email option and is sent via the email link. A percentage of the merchandise is credited to your account when you click the link and purchase the item. Depending on the payment plan you select, 12 Minute Affiliate also assists with website traffic.

Who Is 12 Minute Affiliate Appropriate For?

Twelve Minute Affiliate marketing is suitable for everyone seeking to earn money online. The platform has close to four billion users, making it a profitable location for entrepreneurs seeking to generate revenue.

You must realize that 12 Minute Affiliate plug and play is not an autopilot technique that promises effortless cash generation. Before enrolling in this system, you need be prepared to do some effort. 12 Minute Affiliate marketing method is ideal for individuals who:

Are looking to generate money online but do not have a product or service of their own.

Are not prepared to provide content or develop a sales funnel.

Want to earn money without dealing with customer service?

Attempting to create a living online without prior success

Possibly seeking daily commissions

The example provided on the product’s official website demonstrates the system’s capabilities. Twelve Minute Affiliate allows you to generate money on your own, which is too much for some individuals, or you can purchase a “done-for-you” system, which is chosen by the majority of customers. Most individuals would rather pay for the system and have someone else operate it on their behalf. The manufacturer has made setup simple, so you don’t have to do anything, and the amount of traffic you receive will rely heavily on your budget.

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12 Minute Affiliate Instruction

Numerous ClickBank goods come and go, making long-term promotion of their product challenging. Due to the membership feature, 12 Minute Affiliate system is unquestionably an evergreen topic. It is not anticipated to leave ClickBank in the near future. If you are considering participating in this program, consider the following steps.

Create an affiliate account in the first step.

The first step is to create an affiliate account, which will take roughly two minutes. Here you will discover products to advertise and earn affiliate commissions. In this situation, you will sign up for, one of the top online business platforms with a dozen niches to pick from. You have plenty of time to join up for other affiliate accounts in the future. The major purpose of opening an affiliate account is to promote your products on ClickBank, and this technique aims to create traffic.

Step 2: Acquire an Auto-Responder

This online business tool allows you to create your email list and promote your affiliate products on complete autopilot. Approximately two minutes will be required to configure the auto-responsible. For the first 500 subscribers, opening an account with 12 Minute Affiliate will cost no more than $19.99 per month. By that time, you will be making approximately $500 per month. In some circumstances, you may earn more than $1 per subscription. offers a 30-day free trial; when combined with the 60-day money-back guarantee provided by 12 Minute Affiliate, there are no risks associated with trying this program.

Configure an Auto-Responder

Manually adding each email to your series is the next step. If you have previously used an auto-responder, you will appreciate sending one email on the first day and another on the second. 12 Minute Affiliate makes the procedure incredibly simple by providing you with an import key that you can use to add automatically-generated emails with your affiliate links to your AWeber account. As stated in this 12 Minute Affiliate Review, using this function will save you a great deal of time that you could have spent to set up numerous name email campaigns from a wide variety of offline niches.

If you are unfamiliar with this method, it will take you 10 to 15 minutes to complete it. Once you understand how it operates and how to create traffic, it will take no more than five minutes to finish. You have the option of letting the 12 Minute Affiliate team set up your AWeber, but you must do so to gain a better grasp of how the system operates.

Step 4: Activate Your 12 Minute Affiliate Funnels

The sales funnel pages are quite simple to configure; initially, you select the three niches Personal Development, Online Business, and Health. Choose your funnel template, make a few modifications, and you’ll have multiple commission-generating funnels to play with. The finest aspect of 12 Minute Affiliate is that you are not need to host your website in their account. In addition, you will not spend a fortune setting it up; you will pay a reasonable one-time price. After then, you will no longer be required to pay for traffic.

Get Done-For-You Traffic

In this phase, you will select a niche for 12 Minute Affiliate sales to bring you traffic, as well as the number of visitors required to initiate the process. You must realize that Internet traffic can be either paid and instant or free and time-consuming. 12 Minute Affiliate focuses on purchased traffic, which is more convenient than learning how to execute Search Engine Optimization or other free traffic creation techniques. As Devon Brown states the product’s official website, the procedure is straightforward:

Choose the sort of traffic or market

Choose the number of visits you desire.

Send them

Other free traffic sources, such as SEO, are not as simple as many believe; you will need to invest a great deal of time learning and understanding how to use them. Content preparation, authoring, purchasing and building backlinks are not simple tasks. In addition, each viable business concept necessitates a substantial investment of time and resources to be successful. As with any other business, you will need to start small and aim to grow quickly.

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If free traffic appeals to you, you can participate in the 12 Minute Affiliate’s free Mini Traffic Course. The training will facilitate the use of the 12 Minute Affiliate plug-and-play. This product offers an excellent opportunity to earn money online with minimal effort. 12 Minute Affiliate utilizes a variety of paid traffic strategies, including video marketing, press releases, social media, answer sites, and classified marketing, among others.

You have the opportunity to make a selection; the other two options are unavailable until you pay 12 Minute Affiliate more money. Your niche selection will depend on the type of product you intend to advertise. Note that the appearance of the landing page will depend on the product you select. Even while the preceding stages may appear tiresome, they are actually far easier than they appear. Here is a summary of everything you must do:

Purchase the item

Register for the account.

Set up the system by opening an affiliate account, configuring an autoresponder, and then directing traffic to your landing sites.

Commence earning affiliate commissions

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What You Will Enjoy About the Twelve Minute Affiliate

A successful Developer – Without question, Devon Brown is one of the most successful online entrepreneurs, operating many affiliate funnels/websites that make millions of dollars annually. No one is more qualified to teach you this game than someone who has made enormous riches online. In some cases, Devon makes up to $1000 each day, which is astounding. In addition to being a successful entrepreneur, Devon is a renowned author, speaker, performer, hip-hop dancer, and dating and personal development coach. Visit to hear about Devon’s accomplishments.

Extremely Easy to Use – 12 Minute Affiliate marketing does not require specialized knowledge, making it a straightforward approach for producing money. Expert marketers handle all that 12 MA offers, including the sales page, opt-in pages, name email website sequence, traffic, and other variables. You will not have to invest countless hours or thousands of dollars starting from scratch.

Live Webinars – Devon hosts free webinars for the 12 Minute Affiliate Facebook affiliate group, where you can occasionally post a comment. The free webinars complement the 12 Minute Affiliate because they contain information on a variety of themes that will help you increase your income. Among these elements are:

Recent marketing techniques

Maintaining the proper attitude

High-converting affiliate offers

Updates from ClickBank

Alternative strategies for getting paid traffic

Products in high demand

Legitimate Business Model – As stated in this 12 Minute Affiliate review, affiliate marketing is legitimate and suitable for usage by anyone. Affiliate marketing is a legitimate business concept, as evidenced by this review of 12 Minute Affiliate. However, it is only sustainable when people are trustworthy and actually assist others in solving their difficulties. The more you read this 12 Minute Review, the more you will grasp the program’s veracity.

Largely Active Community – As stated previously in this piece, once you join the 12 Minute Affiliate, you obtain access to the members-only Facebook Group where you can post a response. When we published this review of 12 Minute Affiliate, the Facebook group had more than 3000 members from around the world. This ensures that, regardless of your location or the time of day, you will nearly always receive rapid solutions to your concerns, allowing you to continue operating your business uninterrupted. Nothing is more reassuring than receiving immediate responses to questions, difficulties, and concerns from people in the same industry. Free to join, the 12 Minute Affiliate scheme is the difference between success and failure.

Tons of Success Stories – 12 Minute Affiliate items are without a doubt a high-quality solution that provides everything DFY, saving you time and money. As a member of the 12 Minute Affiliate Facebook Group, you will encounter a plethora of success stories from people who have made a fortune with this product, as well as discussions on any other aspect of the platform. Visit the official website for further consumer reviews!

Affordable Basic Plan – Joining 12 Minute Affiliate is relatively inexpensive; a Basic Membership has a one-time fee to get started. This price is reasonable in light of the services provided by this product.

Money-Back Promise – In addition to being inexpensive, 12 Minute Affiliate provides a 60-day money-back guarantee. This product may be returned within 60 days after purchase if you are unhappy with the program or the services it provides. If you have problems or believe the software is not delivering as promised, Clickbank will assist you in recovering your investment.

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Is 12 Minute Affiliate a Fraud?

12 Minute Affiliate is not a scam and can help you generate money online. People are typically wary of programs that promise quick and easy money. 12 Minute Affiliate is a proven track record that may help you make money rapidly and get unbelievable website traffic.

How much does 12 Minute Affiliate cost?

As previously stated, the 12 Minute Affiliate system is reasonably priced; the developer offers three payment and membership choices.

Test the entire system.

Basic Monthly Subscription

Basic membership for life

Gold membership for life

Basic Membership allows you to advertise only one of the three themes that the 12 Minute Affiliate system offers. If you choose the Basic plan, you will have the opportunity to advertise the Make Money Online niche, the Weight loss/ Fitness topic, or the Personal Development focus. Note that no plan provides all three options. Basic and gold memberships provide access to the landing pages and recommended products. If you wish to promote all three niches simultaneously, you will need to subscribe to the Basic and Gold Membership plan. We recommend that newcomers avoid advertising all three categories simultaneously, as doing so is likely to be overwhelming. Visit the official website to receive a discount!

How To Join 12 Minute Affiliate And The Upgrade Procedure

Now that you are aware of the positives and cons of this service, we recommend that you have the Basic Monthly plan made for you. After that, take your time and set up everything yourself before beginning. Observe the outcomes and appreciate the entire process as you go. Consider upgrading to Basic Lifetime if you appreciate the 12 minute affiliate program and want to focus on advertising a specific topic. This will save you a significant amount of money in the long run, since paying for the Basic package per month for the first 1.5 years is likely to cost you more than twice the price of Basic Lifetime, which means you will be adding affiliate links to the products you will be marketing.

After gaining sufficient experience, you can upgrade to Membership and begin experimenting with promoting the other two areas. Considering the positives and downsides of these 12 minutes, you can use the approach as a full-time job to improve your sales page.

12 Minute Affiliate Review – Concluding Remarks

12 Minute Affiliate is not a scam, contrary to popular belief. 12 Minute Affiliate could be the solution if you are looking for a get-rich-quick scheme with a one-time charge and no complicated learning curve. The product comes with a money-back guarantee, so there is no risk in purchasing it. In any event, this approach has generated enormous income for numerous individuals. Through the use of

After a thorough review of this program and how the 12 Minutes technique operates, we can confidently rank it as one of the finest systems for achieving online success. You have no cause to doubt the veracity of this product; get it and live your ideal life. We are confident that this review has been beneficial overall. Thank you for stopping by to view it. Similarly, you may become a 12 Minute affiliate without incurring a significant fee by signing up now. Visit the official website for further consumer reviews!

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