Text Chemistry Review

Amy North, a dating and relationship consultant, created the popular dating program Text Chemistry.

The program comprises of a core eBook, a 13-video series, and three additional eBooks.

I believe the 13-video series is a really valuable addition to the program. They provide a summary of the content in the main book, but in a style that emphasizes the key elements.

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Text Chemistry is intended to captivate a man’s attention and make him desire more of you. Amy North accomplishes this by teaching you how to establish “sexual chemistry” through the text messages you send to men.

In terms of flirting and dating, many women (and men) lack digital communication skills.

Frequently, we feel paralyzed, stuck, and timid. We lack the self-esteem and confidence to text successfully with the opposite sex.

Text Chemistry significantly alters the game for so many women.

Examine Text Chemistry

Who is Text Chemistry intended for?
Text Chemistry can assist women in communicating more effectively with males. In saying so, I believe it is most appropriate for ladies who desire to:

With the objective of converting him into your boyfriend, flirt with a man.
Ensure that your lover finds you amusing, intriguing, and “keepable.”
Turn things around with a lover (or husband) who appears to be withdrawing and losing interest.
Rekindle your relationship with an ex and make him pursue you again.
Those in happy relationships will not profit as much from Text Chemistry.

If things are already joyful and exciting, the sentences you learn from Amy North may be entertaining to use on him, but they are not needed.

Why I am writing this review
You may be asking why a male is reviewing Text Chemistry.

I see no problem with reading a dating program designed for the opposing sex. I’ve always been fascinated by how women think and behave.

My website Hack Spirit has also become one of the internet’s leading relationship and practical self-improvement blogs. I must provide my viewers with multiple perspectives on these topics.

I believe Text Chemistry provides effective tactics for ladies attempting to survive in the dating jungle.

And for any man reading the book, it raises some quite valid issues concerning the “deep workings” of our gender.

What is Amy North’s identity?

Amy North (shown above) is a Vancouver-based Canadian dating instructor. She is also a popular YouTuber and bestselling author.

Her life’s aim is to help women “keep” the man of their dreams, which is not always simple.

Amy’s online dating services Text Chemistry and The Devotion System have each sold around 100,000 copies worldwide.

She holds a degree in social psychology and offers private sessions in dating and breakup coaching to her rapidly expanding clientele.

I last checked, her YouTube channel has over 540k subscribers and 140 instructional videos.

Examine Text Chemistry

What you receive with Text Chemistry

Text Chemistry is based on research Amy North completed while studying psychology at university. Then, as a relationship coach, she refined this research by observing firsthand how couples text one another.

To get to the essence of Text Chemistry, I have a question for you.

How effective are you at attracting a man’s attention?

With so many distractions and other women in the present world, it is difficult to attract a man’s attention.

Because this is the essence of Text Chemistry.

Amy North wants to assist you in attracting a man’s attention. So that he only thinks about you.

Amy’s “attention hooks” will help you do this with Text Chemistry.

These are the same triggers that Hollywood screenwriters utilize to captivate audiences and keep them watching the entire program.

Have you ever been unable to stop watching a television program?

Something at the conclusion of each episode caused you to repeatedly click “Watch Next Episode.” Almost as if you could not help yourself.

Amy North has adapted these identical Hollywood methods for messaging men.

Text messages with attention hooks are particularly effective because they directly access the focus system of a man’s brain. Without even realizing it, he will begin to consider you and pay you attention. Even if he is far away or you haven’t spoken in a long.

Amy offers you with situationally-appropriate texts that you may use at any stage of your relationship, from the flirtatious phase in the beginning to keeping your long-term partnership intriguing.

A closer examination of the text messages

Here is why Text Chemistry is such a useful resource.

Amy North outlines the exact text messages to send to your partner that are almost certain to get an immediate response.

She also instructs ladies on the “how” and “when” to use these text messages in any possible situation with a man.

Therefore, regardless of your relationship status, Text Chemistry provides you with all the texts you need to succeed with your boyfriend, including when to send them.

The book covers the following texting scenarios:

What to send when men reject your text messages
When you want your ex back after a breakup
If you believe that the relationship has grown monotonous and stale, consider:
When you want to be seductive and pull a “Anastasia Steele” on YOUR OWN Christian Gray
When you seek commitment and want him to lock you down
If you are currently apart from your spouse and want to send him text messages to make him miss you, consider the following.
Apparent frivolous text messages that will make him desire you
Communicating with a man over the phone, including tailoring the discussion so that he is always interested in talking to you.
When you fear that your boyfriend, fiance, or husband may cheat on you, leave you, or become bored with you.
Have you ever received a text message from a guy and wondered what the hell he was talking about?

Amy North also gives a cheat sheet for deciphering a man’s text so that you don’t have to smash your head against the wall.

What about bonuses?
The Text Chemistry package comprises the primary eBook guide and thirteen videos. In addition, there are three free extra eBooks.

Here is a brief summary of these supplementary books:

The Phone Game eBook
You know when you speak with a man on the phone and you can sense that he is really hanging on your every word? The first extra eBook by Amy North examines the science behind what guys can’t resist when chatting to a woman.

Why Men Leave eBook
Have you ever wondered why guys leave incredibly gorgeous women? And abandon perfectly good relationships?

You may be surprised by the truth.

This e-book will educate you on the true reasons men leave and how to prevent it from occurring to you in the near future. Women must arm themselves psychologically in order to maintain their boyfriends’ interest in them.

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Quality Men on Tinder Ebook
What? There are “quality” males on Tinder?

Yes, you read that accurately.

In this intriguing little e-book, Amy North teaches women how to set up their Tinder profile (including photo and bio) to attract ONLY the best men available.

No longer must you deal with jerks. This eBook may be the most useful addition for solitary ladies.

What is the cost of Text Chemistry?
Text Chemistry costs $49.95

This is not spare change. Given the amount of effort Amy North has put into her program, I can however comprehend the price tag. You receive four eBooks and a thirteen-part video series.

You receive all you need to text your partner with confidence at whatever stage of your relationship.

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What I liked most about Text Chemistry

This will succeed
As a male, I am aware of how effective the psychology behind these text messages is. The sentences are brilliant (and occasionally cheeky), and they would work really well on me.

Amy is an expert in male psychology, as seen by her text messages.

Text messaging is more vital than ever given that we’re all spending more time at home due to the coronavirus.

If you need to improve your texting skills, I believe Text Chemistry can assist.

Gain assurance
Knowledge is power. I believe this cliche is fitting for a dating guide such as this one.

Text Chemistry is thorough and extremely practical; Amy North provides you with the exact texts you need and the environment in which to utilize them. Therefore, you will have everything necessary to properly attract a man’s attention.

Many women find it challenging to maintain a man’s attention via text. Men can also struggle with women, but men are typically easier to divert. Yes, shiny new women are also appealing to us.

Here, you will not appear “clingy” or “needy.” You will appear confident and playful while demanding his respect.

I have never encountered a dating handbook as useful as this one.

Text Chemistry costs $49.95

Given that you basically receive 4 eBooks and a 13-part video series, I believe the price is reasonable.

Money-back guarantee
If, after 60 days of using this product, the man in your life is not responding as he should, you can receive a FULL refund.

No questions asked There are no hoops to jump through. Simply send an email to Amy North using her contact page.

What I disliked about it
My Text Chemistry review wouldn’t be fair if I didn’t include the negative aspects of this dating guide.

Text Chemistry satisfies a number of criteria, but I wish to draw attention to the language style.

This style of writing may not appeal to all women. Although I understand that Amy attempts to make things entertaining and instructive (as any dating book should), I felt that the language used could have been a bit more straightforward.

Is some manipulation acceptable?
I have no doubt that Amy North’s texts will work on the majority of guys.

I suppose that’s the point. To put “a win” on the board for the ladies, and I absolutely get it.

However, looking at the other side of the coin and seeking to be absolutely objective. Is there a less deliberate method to attract men?

It appears that interactions between the sexes must now be somewhat planned.

Not exactly a rant. Observation only

eBook-only (no hardcovers)
This program is fully digital and downloaded, so if you do not have internet access or prefer to read physical books, you cannot access it. This means that a small number of would-be purchasers will miss out.

Examine Text Chemistry

What alternatives exist to Text Chemistry?

Text Chemistry is a popular program, but there are other options to examine before committing to it.

Here are three examples:

His Secret Obsession versus Text Chemistry
James Bauer, a bestselling author and relationship consultant, authored His Secret Obsession. It focuses on appealing to certain biological tendencies in men, particularly the hero instinct.

Although tapping into a man’s hero instinct takes time, it may be a highly successful method for bringing him closer to you and gaining his total commitment.

His Secret Obsession contains 17 chapters and costs $47.

Text Chemistry is mainly focused on enhancing your connection through text messaging. If you believe that this will be more realistic for you at this time in your relationship, I’d say go for it.

One alternative would be to read His Secret Obsession first, followed by Text Chemistry. Sun Tzu stated, “If you know your enemy and yourself, you need not worry the outcome of a hundred battles.”

Read my whole review of His Secret Obsession for additional information.

Text Chemistry versus the Devotion System
Obviously, we cannot discuss Text Chemistry without mentioning Amy North’s other relationship curriculum, The Devotion System.

The Devotion System consists of three components:

The first section helps you overcome self-doubt and emotional baggage from former relationships.
The second section explores what males want from women.
The final section contains particular strategies and approaches to ensure his love and dedication.
When you purchase the curriculum for $48,25, you receive more than just the primary eBook. You also receive three additional bonus videos, a three-part adaptive quiz system, and a thirteen-part video training course.

Self-reflection is always beneficial, and you must prepare yourself first for the man of your dreams. The Devotion System can accomplish this for you.

Here is my comprehensive evaluation of The Devotion System if you wish to learn more.

Michael Fiore, a relationship and sexual psychology expert, created the 6-module program Make Him Worship You vs. Text Chemistry.

Make Him Worship You discuss how societal pressures cause men to be misinterpreted.

It costs only $37 and contains worksheets and instructions for use throughout the curriculum.

Make Him Worship You was written by a man from the male perspective, and consequently provides a great perspective on how men are regarded versus how they actually are (and what makes them tick).

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Exist any free alternatives to purchasing this software?
Text Chemistry provides all the facts and text messages you need to woo your partner, but at $49.95, it’s not cheap.

Exist any free alternatives to Text Chemistry that compare favorably?

Yes and no

On her website and YouTube channel, Amy North provides extremely useful advise.

Psychology Today is a prominent website that provides handpicked articles produced by medical professionals about how individuals normally think and behave. Check out their relationship-specific section here.

Obviously, my website Hack Spirit also contains a wealth of beneficial stuff, such as this piece on what guys want to hear in a text message and this one on the signals a guy likes you via text message.

It is difficult to discover free materials comparable to Text Chemistry that provide the easy ease of having everything you need to know about texting a guy in one program.

Text Chemistry Frequently Asked Questions
Here are my responses to the most often asked internet questions regarding Text Chemistry.

Does Text chemistry function?
Yes, Text Chemistry is the genuine article. The book has been purchased by thousands of women, and the response has been overwhelmingly favorable. After reading the book myself, I am aware that the content is intelligent and highly applicable. It will help you develop chemistry with your guy over text.

What is the cost of Text Chemistry?
Text Chemistry costs $49.95 one-time only. There are no hidden fees or strange charges on your credit card. Included are four eBooks and a thirteen-part video series.

Can chemistry exist via text?
Certainly. And you must prioritize chemistry above text. Due to the lockdown, we are all spending more time at home, and texting is the only way to keep a relationship alive. When texting, you must be entertaining, flirtatious, and most importantly, build chemistry.

What is e glow text?
Would you desire your man’s brain to be hardwired to you alone? Then the e glow text can be useful. This text will enable you “hardwire” your man’s brain to love you regardless of how difficult things are between you two.

What is the enticing seduction text?
Want to “Anastasia Steele” YOUR OWN Christian Grey? Then put this text on him, and he will soon have sexual fantasies about your physique.

Is Text Chemistry a fraud?
No. Text Chemistry is a book written by renowned relationship coach Amy North. It is the sum of years of research and coaching experience. The book has assisted innumerable ladies in their relationships.

Text Chemistry: Is it worthwhile?

I’m delighted I had the opportunity to investigate Amy North’s dating program as a male.

It provides a wealth of helpful insights for both sexes.

I only recommend novels that satisfy two criteria:

It must teach me something fresh.
And it must be EXTREMELY practical. There is no value in gaining a fresh viewpoint if you cannot apply it to your daily life.
Text Chemistry offers on both fronts for women.

After reading this book, I feel ladies will be much better equipped to text their partner and maintain his attention.

Amy North has a deep grasp of how men operate, and she aims to equip women with the skills necessary to date with confidence.

Women will be able to accomplish this with the aid of Text Chemistry.

Examine Text Chemistry

Can a relationship coach assist you as well?
A relationship coach can be of great assistance if you need particular guidance on your circumstance.

I have personal experience with this…

A few months ago, when my relationship was experiencing difficulties, I reached out to Relationship Hero. After being buried in my thoughts for so long, they provided me with a unique understanding of the mechanics of my relationship and how to get it back on track.

If you haven’t heard of Relationship Hero before, it is a website where highly educated relationship counselors guide people through complex and challenging love issues.

You can connect with a trained relationship coach and receive situation-specific guidance in a matter of minutes.

I was blown away by my coach’s kindness, empathy, and genuine assistance.

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