Sqribble Review

If you have been engaging designers to develop your eBooks or whitepapers, you are aware that the procedure is time-consuming and costly. Sqribble promises to make your life easier by facilitating the development of digital books. The inventor of this program boasts that it contains everything required to generate eBooks, whitepapers, and reports with a professional appearance.

Then, what is Sqribble? How does it function? What are the primary attributes? This Sqribble Review will introduce the product, its features, and its benefits. You must read it before purchasing this tool. You will determine whether Sqribble is worth purchasing.

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A Brief Overview of Sqribble

If you are an online marketer, you are aware that eBooks, lead magnets, and reports are excellent ways to build a large list of email subscribers. You are also aware that these three are powerful techniques for those who wish to improve direct sales. They are extremely time-consuming to produce. You must perform extensive designing, formatting, and writing to ensure that they are appealing to your target audience.

Sqribble was designed to enable you create eBooks, whitepapers, reports, and any other sort of digital book within seconds. The idea is not novel. There are other alternative eBook makers available online. Unfortunately, the vast majority of them are unreliable. They provide shoddy, untrustworthy templates. Still, some require additional equipment for operation.

Sqribble is trustworthy. The author packed it with professional templates and attractive covers. It is also bug-free, which facilitates the creation of eBooks. Importantly, it has an automatic table of contents, a drag-and-drop interface, and more than 300 Google fonts.

Additionally, you will not download or install any software or applications on your smartphone. The program is hosted in the cloud, so you can access it at any time. It is also compatible with all computer types. It will eliminate the hassle and uncertainty associated with eBook authoring, enabling you to create online publications that will boost your email subscribers.

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Who created the universe?

Sqribble was created by Adeel Chowdhry. Chowdhry is a well-known online entrepreneur. He is responsible for numerous best-selling products, including Pixel Studio FX, which sold thousands of copies. In addition, he has been educating internet marketers and those who wish to enhance their online sales.

Chowdhry has spent many years in the internet marketing field. Therefore, he understands what marketing experts need for their campaigns. He created Sqribble to address several of the obstacles employees face while performing their duties. The tool will assist you in creating eBooks, whitepapers, and reports at no additional cost. Moreover, you need no assistance to construct them.

How Does Sqribble Work?

Sqribble provides 50 templates for the rapid creation of digital books with a professional appearance. You have complete control over the design and color of your books. This is made possible by the drag-and-drop technology. It provides multiple methods for creating eBooks. You can start from blank, take a template from a URL, upload your Word files, copy and paste your material, or start from an article collection. Here is a brief overview of each of the methods.

Retrieve from a URL

This strategy is perfect for bloggers and business owners with websites. You must locate a URL, copy it, then paste it into the Sqribble tool. Sqribble will convert website or blog content into a digital book. It will also eliminate HTML coding and use your website’s content. Expect an eBook with all site content, including graphics.

From Scratch

This method makes it simple to create eBooks. Simply type your material on the Sqribble page as you would in Microsoft Word. Sqribble will format the content into an attractive eBook.

Copying and pasting manually

This method requires you to upload your text and images to the Sqribble platform. You may copy the material from your word documents or any other source. After pasting, the guide will format and format the text to create a professional-looking eBook.

Upload Word Document

Sqribble may also import content from Microsoft Word documents. It will remove any strange formatting and codes to produce a lovely eBook.

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Start with Article Collection

Sqribble offers an extensive collection of private label articles. You are free to use any of these articles. In addition, Sqribble does not force you to link to sources or credit authors. It is therefore an excellent way to build a large eBook library for free.

In addition, Sqribble has an editing panel that permits text scaling and editing. You can use it to rearrange text, add links, media, call-to-action areas, lists, and new pages. Personalize the digital books to meet your needs.

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The Principal Characteristics of Sqribble

The many features of the Sqribble eBook maker make it a useful tool for freelancers, marketing firms, marketing experts, and everyone who utilizes eBooks. Here are some of this tool’s most crucial features.

Elegant ECovers

Sqribble provides fifty gorgeous pre-built templates. The author divides the templates into fifteen categories. Therefore, you must select the category that corresponds to your niche. In addition, the templates provide all the design elements necessary to promote your services or products. When necessary, you can modify the templates using the drag-and-drop function.

Immediate Import

If you have already generated the content for your eBook, this function will facilitate its development. Sqribble allows users to import content directly from available files. PDF and Microsoft Word documents can be imported with ease. Additionally, it allows you to search unique words on the Internet and put them into an original eBook. This means that producing an eBook from scratch will take a few seconds.

Production of Flipbooks

This capability is unlikely to be offered by any other online eBook production tool. This feature allows you to transform your flat books into interactive Flipbooks. Nonetheless, animation-style flipbooks can be created and utilized in the same manner as traditional flipbooks. Flipbooks will help you create more downloads by attracting more users.

Agency Rights and Client Feedback Instrument

The “Commercial Agency License” feature enables you to earn money. Simply create agency eBooks for marketing agencies. Adeel Chowdhry offers a ready-made website where you may list your eBooks to attract potential purchasers. Use the feedback option to engage directly with buyers and create eBooks as needed. You are not required to utilize email or other third-party network to communicate.

Format and Publish

When necessary, you can redesign and publish an eBook after its creation. Sqribble allows users to delete, modify, and add bullet points. You can also include italics, bold, photos, paragraphs, dividers, text blocks, and calls to action.


Sqribble is simpler to use. This makes it an ideal option for both novice and seasoned web marketers. After authoring your marketing material, the eBook will be created instantly. Its “live preview” mode enables customers to access their eBooks on a variety of devices, including smartphones, tablets, PCs, and Macs.

Rapid Speed and Device Compatibility

Sqribble is a cloud-based application that is compatible with all devices. It also loads quickly due of the SAAS application. No program installation is required on your desktop computer. Simply connect your device to the internet, launch Sqribble, and upload your document. Then, click the “Generate” button. This application will generate a gorgeous eBook for your marketing campaign.

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The Cost of Squiggle

The basic Sqribble package costs $67 per month. The developer asserts that the price may increase to $197 in the future. Therefore, you must purchase it immediately in order to take advantage of the deal. Here are the available add-ons.

Upgrade 1 – Sqribble Professional (Pro)

This option unlocks 150 professional eBook templates and graphics. There is one to match every specialty. It is great for heavy users and those in need of a diversity of marketing content.

Upgrade 2 – Sqribble Prime

After purchasing Sqribble Prime, you will receive 15 premium “limited edition” eBook templates per month. This implies that your library will expand over time and help you stand out. Each template will cost approximately two dollars. The strategy is optimal for moderate users.

Upsell 3: Sqribble Fantasia 3D

Unlocks a 3D cover design tool. The technology enables the creation of lifelike 3D eBook covers. It is a terrific option for those working hard to gain more attention and create gorgeous eBooks. It allows you to create interactive flipbooks and link them to any website.

Fourth Upsell – Auto Job Finder Software

To earn money on Sqribble, you must purchase the Auto Job Finder software. This software will identify work on numerous freelance websites and notify you so you may do them. It will help you earn money and save time.

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Sqribble Pros and Cons

Sqribble has numerous advantages. It also has a few disadvantages. With its many useful features, you can create numerous eBooks for your internet marketing initiatives. Here are the advantages and disadvantages of this tool.


Sqribble enables you to make great eBooks without entering any text. You can utilize the eBooks for your digital or online marketing.
Sqribble is a cloud-based application. Nothing will be installed on your PC. Additionally, its UI is user-friendly to facilitate use.
The tool permits the customisation of eBooks and reports. You will receive the exact report or eBook you require for your marketing strategy.
Sqribble provides numerous design templates. You will get access to fifty templates for your digital book development. You can select a template that corresponds to your niche and modify it to fulfill your requirements.
The technology provides an automated content engine. This eliminates the need for writing. You will have effective marketing headlines and bullet points.
You can advertise your services on the Sqribble website. Additionally, you can sell your templates and designs by purchasing a business license.

Numerous other tools give the same capabilities as the basic plan. You will require advanced features to create an engaging or captivating eBook. The advanced features are exclusive to the paid edition.
Who Should Participate in Sqribble?

Sqribble is an excellent option for freelancers, small marketing agencies, independent internet marketers, and small business owners. It enables you to publish Kindle books, make lead magnets, publish whitepapers, and produce eBooks. You can purchase the Commercial Agency License if you are seeking an additional source of income.

The license permits you to generate eBooks and sell them on the Sqribble website. You will also receive an agency website with pre-populated portfolios. You can publish your portfolio to your domain for potential clients to view.

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Is Sqribble Worth the Cost?

A: The base pricing is modest, making it an economical option for online marketers. It gives all the elements necessary to create professional eBooks. Additionally, it helps you save money over time. However, you must pay for the additional features if you require a comprehensive tool.

Mac or PC Compatibility?

A. Sqribble is a cloud-based application. Therefore, it will function on any computer or mobile device. You may access your eBooks from anywhere and at any time using your laptop, desktop computer, tablet, or smartphone.

How many digital books can be created?

A: Sqribble does not restrict the number of eBooks you can create. That implies you can write as many novels as you choose. In fact, you can make digital books and sell them to your internet customers.

Are there any monthly fees?

No The creator requires a one-time cost of $67 to utilize the program. After paying the fee, you will have lifetime access.

Does It Include a Money-Back Guarantee?

Yes. It includes a money-back guarantee. If the product does not meet your expectations, you can receive a refund. There is no downside.


Sqribble is an ideal option for anyone who wishes to create digital books for online marketing. Regarding the creation of marketing materials, the tool will save you considerable time and effort. With drag-and-drop editing, automatic content addition, and a large number of templates, creating eBooks will be simple. You can also make money by selling eBooks. The tool merits purchase.

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