SaleHoo Wholesale & Dropship Directory Review

If you are reading this Salehoo review, it is likely that you are considering a dropshipping or wholesale business plan for your ecommerce store.
Then why not? First, dropshipping enables you to communicate with suppliers, who then fulfill and transport orders directly to clients. It is an extremely popular approach for first-time ecommerce business owners. Why is this so?

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However, it enables you to:

Utilize a laptop and an internet connection to do business.
Possess a low barrier to entry and a large earning potential.
No initial expenditure. There is no expenditure on inventory, materials, and tools.
Purchase from your provider only after making a sale.
Expand your business rapidly. All the difficult work is performed by your supplier, thus an increase in sales will not always result in an increase in effort.
No need to add personnel
You won’t need to operate from a warehouse, hence avoiding the associated expenses.
Have greater adaptability. Want to sell a variety of products? As you can see, there are advantages to configuring your store to function using a dropshipping model. You will?tiin’t have to relocate?tii?tii business. Therefore, when it comes to dropshipping providers, let’s examine one of the largest in Salehoo.

Salehoo Review: Summary
Salehoo, founded in 2005 in Christchurch, New Zealand, has become one of the world’s largest wholesale and dropshipping directories. This was made possible by the fact that they were among the first businesses to offer international wholesale contacts to their retailers.

Simon Slade, co-founder of Salehoo, was a previous internet seller who was frustrated by his inability to locate a distributor that catered to new firms.

Salehoo now features more than 8,000 reliable wholesale and dropshipping vendors. These companies provide over 1.6 million recognizable brand-name products for resale to your customers. Currently, Salehoo has 137,000 paying members who utilize these options.

What is the difference between Dropshipping and Wholesale?
As you may recall, I have already addressed wholesale and dropshipping, which are two distinct types of supply chain management.

Wholesale is the process of purchasing large quantities of merchandise at a discount from a manufacturer and then reselling it to clients at a markup.

This enables you to sell things to customers without stocking inventories.

At this time, it is prudent to question oneself, “Do I have product storage?” The answer to this question will influence whether you choose a wholesale or dropshipping business model.

Review of Salehoo: Pricing
Salehoo offers a flat rate of $67 per year for access. Plus a new option that grants access for life for $127.

Salehoo’s price is regarded as highly competitive in its market. Worldwide Brands, one of Salehoo’s largest competitors, offers a database of wholesale products including over 16 million entries. However, membership in Worldwide Brands costs $299.

When deciding on a dropshipping provider, it’s important to evaluate how long you intend to engage in this endeavor. Is your dropshipping business a short-term endeavor to fund your dreams of opening a store?

Cash-back assurance
Salehoo offers a 60-day, no-questions-asked money-back guarantee. Send an email to [email protected] with your receipt number within 60 days, or includes the 60th day, and they will refund your money.

Salehoo Product Review:
With Salehoo, what do you get for $67 per year? They offer five primary goods, which are:

Dropship Providers
Salehoo provides you with access to over 1,000 reliable dropship vendors. All of these businesses have been screened and evaluated by Salehoo, so you can have confidence in their reliability. There have been instances in which individuals bypassed intermediaries like Salehoo and went directly to the vendor, only to discover that they were counterfeit and lose money as a result.

When you view a dropshipper, you may immediately see the following information:

Identifying information
Product variety
Superiority of products
Customer service testimonials
How they ship their goods depends on their destination.
There is undoubtedly a dropshipping company that can supply the products you wish to sell. Clothing, Jewelry, Shoes, and Antiques are among the most popular product categories offered by Salehoo.

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Salehoo can accommodate you regardless of whether you wish to sell domestically or internationally. Even if your country does not have many suppliers, international dropshipping can help you expand your business internationally.

Salehoo is ideal for novices because it allows you to sort vendors by minimum order requirements. If you’re just getting started in business, it’s essential to keep a look out for suppliers with very low or even no minimum order requirements. Furthermore, you should avoid companies that charge an application fee. Currently, around 70% of providers do not offer one; therefore, you should gravitate towards them.

Wholesale Suppliers Salehoo offers more than 8,000 reputable wholesale companies, and you can rapidly view all of the relevant information you could with dropshipping suppliers.

As shown in the graphic below, Salehoo provides a vast selection of wholesale vendors. All of the wholesale pricing listed here are authentic, allowing you to make a profit when you resell the products. Sellers who utilize Salehoo intend to offer their branded products on their website in addition to marketplaces like eBay, Amazon, and Etsy.

Wholesalers require greater specificity than dropshipping, as they will be shipping the merchandise to you. You may search for suppliers in your country as well as firms that ship to your area with only a few clicks. In addition, you can view their minimum order value and available products. This method is far more efficient than conducting an exhaustive Google search.

Market Analysis
On the price diagram above, you may have wondered, “What is market research labs?”

Salehoo monitors the 1.6 million products in their directory to assist you in locating a trending and potentially lucrative niche.

costs for foam roller determined by market research
Although this may depend on where you are selling and the local currency, their predictions are quite accurate.

It can be frustrating to realize that thousands of other retailers have just begun selling a product that is currently popular. To combat this, Salehoo uses’sell rate’ and competition data to identify products with low levels of competition. You may therefore assure that you will stand out and be unique in a market that is otherwise saturated.
Additionally, you can check monthly sales records to identify seasonal trends before your competition. This will also prevent you from wasting money on inventories.

You may also save products you find interesting and generate reports based on the following criteria:

Competitive Selling Price
How frequently is this item listed?
Price sTrending

Instruction & Support
As Salehoo is designed to assist ecommerce entrepreneurs in the early phases of their journey, it is essential that they receive the proper training and support.

Observing online chatter from sellers, it is apparent that Salehoo provides excellent customer service. Monday through Friday, 5:30 p.m. to 1:30 a.m. Eastern Standard Time, their assistance is accessible by live chat, as well as via telephone and email. Additionally, they offer rapid support via their Facebook and Twitter accounts.

One improvement that may be done with Salehoo’s assistance is that they could find products for you if they aren’t listed; Worldwide Brands already provides this service.

The help section of Salehoo is also excellent, with fifty step-by-step explanations and videos. As Salehoo is aware that the majority of their customers will be selling on eBay and Amazon, they have also provided tutorials on how to sell on such platforms.

Regarding customer service, Salehoo has a terrific online forum of sellers who are constantly there to provide guidance. There are almost 60,000 postings on the forum discussing sales strategies, market trends, and supplier recommendations.

The dashboard of Salehoo is a sight to behold. There are three factors that are essential for any seller: suppliers, merchandise, and training. All of these are incorporated and easily accessible via the dashboard.

Initially, you can preserve all of your sources for future use. As you will want to create relationships with these companies, it is essential that you do not have to constantly search for their contact information.
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This is also where you will interact with all of your vendors. You will be notified if they send you a message or place an order. Additionally, you may search your chat history and send messages directly from the dashboard.

As previously said, Salehoo also provides guidance and training on how to sell on online marketplaces such as eBay and Amazon. You can follow your progress on your dashboard and navigate between modules with a single click.

You will also be able to monitor your interactions with other merchants via the forum accessible from the dashboard. Salehoo has a very active community, and both giving and receiving guidance will yield long-term advantages.

Salehoo Customer Service Pros – Simply perform a fast search for “Salehoo customer support” and you will be hard-pressed to discover anything negative about them. Numerous contact methods and reasonable business hours are vital for vendors just starting out.

As stated previously, Salehoo offers a variety of amazing brands, like Disney, Lego, Adidas, and Sony.

Vendors – All of the suppliers have been thoroughly screened, so you can rest assured that you won’t be defrauded. If you decided to select your own providers, you might encounter issues.

Training – I did not anticipate this while investigating Salehoo, but their training area is excellent. They’ve taken the time to get to know their consumers, combed through concerns on their community forum, and created helpful tutorials and videos.

No Hidden Charges – You pay an annual cost of $67, and there are no hidden fees. You may wind up paying an application fee to a provider, but you will be aware of this in advance.

Money-back guarantee – You have 60 days to evaluate Salehoo and will receive a full refund, no questions asked, if you are not completely satisfied.

Low minimum order requirements – a nice benefit for those searching for wholesalers in particular. You may have obtained storage space but did not have much room to begin with, or you may wish to limit your financial commitment. Salehoo mitigates this by providing low minimum order quantities

Market study – The market research conducted by Salehoo is excellent. You can recognize market trends, take advantage of seasonal products, and assess the level of competition to make the best decisions.

Negatives of Salehoo Marketplace Charges – Salehoo is aware that many of their consumers are likely to sell their products on eBay and Amazon. However, after purchasing a product from a wholesaler or dropshipper and selling it on one of these marketplaces, the profit margin may not be particularly high. The selling fees charged by third-party platforms will reduce your income.

Branding – Not particularly an issue with Salehoo, but rather an issue with all wholesalers. As you are selling other people’s products, it is tough to establish your company’s brand and personality. Therefore, many merchants that utilize Salehoo sell on third-party marketplaces rather than their own websites.

Number of products – Although 1.6 million products may seem like a lot, they are only a fraction of the 16 million products offered by Worldwide Brands.

Is Salehoo Appropriate for Me?

Salehoo is great if you want to start a dropshipping business to earn extra money on the side. You may use the revenue gained through dropshipping to launch your own ecommerce store selling your own unique products.

Salehoo is unquestionably an excellent platform for ecommerce novices. Low order minimums and a variety of dropshippers will reduce your overhead costs. Salehoo’s training is also an added plus and is easily available.


Similar to its competitors, Salehoo is not for people who are serious about ecommerce and want to establish their own empire. There may be success tales on Salehoo’s website about “customer X who made $100,000 in a month,” but in reality, it can take a considerable amount of time to begin earning significant income.

Review of Salehoo: Conclusion
Salehoo is an excellent platform for aspiring ecommerce entrepreneurs who wish to launch a dropshipping business. Salehoo can accommodate you if you don’t have your own storage space and want to take it to the next level.

Due to the quantity of products offered by Salehoo and the majority of these companies, a limit can be reached.

Have you ever utilized Salehoo? Do you have a particularly successful wholesale or dropshipping experience? Have you utilized any alternatives to Salehoo to accomplish this? If so, please leave a comment below and let’s start a conversation!

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