My Shed Plans Review

This article is for you if you enjoy crafts and prefer to conduct your duties on your own. You did, in fact, play with Lego sets as a child. A shed plan is similar to a Lego kit, but it is for real-world projects. A shed plan is a set of instructions for building a shed over your house or a garden room in your backyard.

There are numerous shed plans available on the internet; it can be difficult for beginners to choose among them and identify an authentic shed plan to build their own shed. In this case, Ryan’s My Shed Plans can be an excellent solution, and we will go over My Shed Plans Review in detail throughout this post.

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What Are My Shed Plans?

My Shed Plans is a collection of 12000 shed building plans created by a skilled woodworker named Ryan Henderson. Particularly suitable for wood-based building and craft applications. You can simply use Ryan’s Shed plan to build a shed for your home or a porch in the backyard of your property.

There will be no need for a professional woodworker, nor will you have to pay for a ready-made shed if you can create your own. You do not need to be an expert for this. Ryan provides excellent plans for beginners on his websites, where you can get Ryan shed plans pdf for free. You can build a shed quickly by following Ryan’s step-by-step instructions.

Features of My Shed Plans

Style and design:

The most appealing aspect of Ryan’s shed plans is the fact that there are 12000 different kinds and styles of shed planning and construction guidelines. With these vast collections of designs and styles, you may discover just the appropriate one for your large house, a shed for the backyard storeroom, or a fancy garden shed.

Roofs of any kind:

These include horizontal roofs, pyramid roofs, pent roofs, gable roofs, and so on, and they can be any size. You may also discover a shed design to build a little house for your pet dogs. Plans for storage buildings, end tables, birdhouses, rocking horses, and other items are also included.

List of Resources:

Ryan’s shed plans include several distinct types and designs, as well as a list of the precise complete supplies required to build the various buildings. Ryan’s plans included the particular name of the materials as well as the precise use of the materials in various shed plans. He offers free 1012 shed plans and a supply list for any size. As a result, you’d know exactly what to buy and wouldn’t have to waste money on unnecessary purchases.

Instructions in Steps:

The instructions and procedures in most other shed plans are dispersed. Even if you follow the directions, your shed will not be built correctly. This is due to the fact that no experienced woodworker writes the directions. However, it is presumed in Ryan’s shed plans that this shed plan is accurate and produced by an expert. Following the directions step by step will result in the intended outcome, which will be a wonderful shed for you.

Woodworking Hints:

Ryan Henderson is a skilled and knowledgeable woodworker. He wrote ‘My Shed Plans’ from his own experience, as opposed to a ghostwriter who has no experience. As a result, he can provide genuine advice or tricks for building a shed. His recommendations are correct. By following the guidelines, you will quickly become an expert in shed construction.

Photos with vibrant colors:

The photographs in Ryan’s shed plans help you comprehend the blueprints, patterns, and styles better. In the shed plans, there are color photos from every perspective. Ryan’s shed plans are thus more interactive than most other shed plans.

Manual for Suppliers:

Ryan’s Shed design includes not only a complete list of resources, but also the suppliers of the parts for building the shelters according to the processes. It will give you with the greatest woodworking supplies at the most competitive prices. Furthermore, you would not have to go from store to store looking for working wood products. Ryan’s shed plans will tell you exactly where you can obtain the goods you need.

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Ryan’s Pros and Cons of My Shed Plans

Before purchasing Ryan’s My Shed Plans, you should be informed of all the advantages and disadvantages. My Shed Plans by Ryan Henderson has certain drawbacks despite being the best shed plan ever. However, you will see that the list of advantages outnumbers the list of disadvantages. We shall be completely open and honest about everything. So, here are the advantages and disadvantages:


There are 12000 plans to pick from. This will always assist you in locating precisely what you are looking for.
Very readily written and explained by a woodworker master.
The directions are detailed and straightforward.
You can work on several shed designs by downloading Ryan’s shed plans in pdf format.
Ryan’s Shed plans do not necessitate any prior expertise or skills.
Ideal for both beginners and pros.
The entire technique is described and demonstrated step by step.
The designs are drawn in 3D so that the picture may be comprehended and discussed from any perspective.
The plans and instructions are correct. Ryan’s My Shed Plans are available in hardcover or PDF format. To find what you’re looking for, you’ll have to do a lot of reading.
My Shed Plans by Ryan assure a high-quality shed.
If all of the directions are followed correctly, the shed will endure a long time.
Includes DVDs with the books for those who are too slow to read. Ideal for a do-it-yourself job.
Cons: saves money and time

The PDF guide is lengthy, and some people lack the patience to read through the book or pdf for the plans.
Reading the book and the pdf might be time consuming and tiresome.
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My Shed Plans Costs and Prices

One important detail regarding Ryan Henderson’s My Shed Plan is that it is not free. You should not even hope for it. After all, you can acquire everything you need to build a shed in one spot. You won’t be able to obtain all of this for free anywhere else.

Of course, there are many shed plans available for free on the internet, but they are not as exact as Ryan’s Shed plans.


However, this does not imply that it is not affordable. It will only cost you $37, but you will profit more than $1,000 and receive four specific incentives totaling more than $350. And if you are not completely satisfied with the guides, you will receive a full refund.

This ensures that the shed plans are accurate and proficient while also being risk-free. One thing is certain: you will enjoy Ryan’s selection of shed plans. And $37 is a tiny price to pay for 12000 shed plans of various kinds. This price, however, may rise in the future. If you want shed plans at a low cost, you should get them from Ryan Shed Plans right away.

There are no hidden fees:

Furthermore, there are no hidden fees. My Shed Plans by Ryan Henderson is available for $37. You can use the shed plans collection for the rest of your life after purchasing it.

Additional Advantages:

Another advantage of the shed plan is that you will continue to receive free upgrades once you purchase it. You will have unrestricted access to an online support channel. If necessary, you can seek assistance from other experienced woodworkers. All you have to do is sign in to your account from the Member sign in page.

Is My Shed Design a Scam?

We’re thinking you already know the explanations for all the positives and negatives. If you answered no, let us explain why the majority of people believe Ryan Henderson’s shed proposal is a scam. Because this is a genuine shed plan review written by a competent carpenter, the ghost writer who writes about the shed design plans has suffered a significant loss.

As a result, many began to publish unfavorable evaluations, claiming Ryan’s shed plans scam or Ryan shed plans ripoff. And many individuals believe the internet is a reliable source. When they see all of the terrible reviews, they agree to submit the same negative reviews without first confirming the truth. This is the primary reason for the poor reviews and misleading information about Ryan’s shed plan being a scam.

Individual choices are still made by diverse people. It is understandable that some individuals may object to Ryan’s shed proposal.

My Shed Plans compared. Teds Woodworking Plans

Ted’s woodworking plans are thought to be perfect for customized shed designs for individual needs. He also offers very thorough shed plans for creative ideas for building a shed for a specific purpose. Ted is a competent woodworker who offers suggestions that produce maximum performance with minimal effort. Ted’s plans, however, are not as effective as Ryan’s. Many Teds Woodworking Plans evaluations revealed that these are copies of Ryan’s plans and are not very sturdy.

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Elite My Shed Plans

It is a comprehensive guide for woodworking projects that you may obtain from Rayan’s official website. However, according to the My Shed Plans Review, it is not free. On the other hand, it is not prohibitively pricey. However, the plans are easily accessible. After you pay for it, the download will take about 5 minutes to complete.

Is Planning Permission Required for My Shed?

An important consideration when preparing to build a shed is whether or not your shed design requires legal permits. This is largely dependent on the type of shed you are constructing. If you want to build a tiny wood-based birdhouse in your garden and put it someplace on your property, you don’t need permission.

However, if you are making changes to public or government property, you will need legal clearance. Permissions may also be required if you are making significant changes to your property. Before beginning construction, it is best to consult someone who is in charge of these legal difficulties in your area. As a result, your outdoor shed layout will not suffer any negative implications in the future.

There are some building rules to consider when it comes to planning permissions. They are as follows:

You should install your shed near a wall that belongs to someone else.
All sheds should be created with nature in mind.
The height of the roof space should not exceed 2.5 meters.
A standard roof shed has a maximum height of 3 meters.
A dual pitch roof can only be 4 meters tall.
If a normal shed is less than 2 meters from one or more assets’ borders, the overall height should not exceed 2.5 meters.
Any sheds or similar constructions more than 20 meters away from the house must take up more than 10 square meters on grounds in national parks, Areas of Outstanding Natural Beauty, and similar locations.
The shed cannot be utilized as a place to sleep. Any structure that essentially signifies a change of use for the property should be investigated further.
Before beginning any big shed planning, you should have assurance from a legal authority. And if the legal authority says you require legal approval, you must follow the correct procedures. Visit MyShedPlans Official Website Link Today to Receive a Special Discount>>

Shed Dimensions Preferred

Don’t be concerned about the sizes you should utilize to construct your shed. It is usually stated in shed plans that “no more than half the land area surrounding the ‘original house’ will be covered by expansions or other buildings.” To avoid difficulties, it is always best to follow this simple rule.

Another advantage is that most log cabins are built within the permissible construction dimensions. So you wouldn’t have to be concerned about the size at all.

Some folks have their woodland on their land. They can create their own sheds and wood structures there. However, for anything permanent, they would also need legal clearance.

My outdoor plans include a firewood shed.

Firewood sheds are designed to house the wood logs used in a fireplace. However, if you wish to build a Firewood shed outside, you can do so as well. Ryan’s shed plan includes a variety of firewood shed plans in various sizes and styles. The optimal size for a shed is 12×16. Sizes range from 46 one cord firewood shed to 26 half cord firewood shed to 416 three cord firewood shed.

My Shed Plans: Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Are Ryan’s shed plans genuine?

‘Ryan Shed Plans’ is unquestionably a legitimate shed plan. It is the work of a skilled woodworker. My Shed Plans offers dozens of blueprints and ideas for shed plans to pick from. The methods are simple to follow. It includes step-by-step directions as well as a material list to follow, whereas other shed designs are incomplete and difficult.

Q. Is a legitimate website?

Ryan Henderson’s product on how to build a shed properly is ‘’ Most other shed plans are not even offered or produced by expert woodworkers, but by Ryan stands out in this category. Ryan Henderson is an experienced carpenter who created and guided in based on his own experiences, and it is completely legitimate.

Q. What is the most cost-effective approach to build a shed?

The cheapest way to build a shed is to select and follow a suitable shed building plan. You wouldn’t have to buy anything else. If you follow a great strategy for building a shed, no ingredients will be wasted. Building your own shed from a blueprint created by an experienced woodworker can be more cost effective than purchasing a shed.

How much does a 1212 shed cost to build?

A 1212 shed will cost between $2,973 and $3,667 to construct. However, it will also be determined by the plans you will implement.

Our Verdict on MyShedPlans

Most people don’t read the entire review for anything, so we attempted to keep the My Shed Plans review brief in order to obtain the details quickly. On the other side, others may pass judgment without knowing the entire story and wonder if Ryan’s shed plans are serious.

We would say that it has all of the advantages that most other shed plans do not have. And everything for a very cheap price. So, if you want to get away from the corporate world and be a little artsy and creative by making wooden sheds or other stuff, Ryan’s shed plans could be the ideal solution for you. More DIY home and gardening ideas can be found here.

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